Nose and Tail of a Skateboard (Main Difference)

It can be hard to differentiate between Skateboard tail and nose. If you ride your skateboard the wrong way, then the deck will be worn down faster. If you love riding the skateboards, you must know how to distinguish between the nose and tail of the skateboard. 

The main difference between the nose and tail of a skateboard is (size, measurement, and sharpness). The nose is bigger from its ending, on the other hand the tail is shorter. The nose and tail of a skateboard have a lot of similarities.

nose tail skateboard

However, the only way to differentiate them is the angles. This is the best way to differentiate them. The nose is bright-colored and can be easily distinguished, and it features a flat and round shape. The tail is small in size and has a curve. The nose is larger and touches your foot.


The first way to spot the difference between the tail and the nose is to check out the shapes. Skateboards have a small surface at the end, and this is considered to be the tail. The nose is potted on the opposite side, and this part is a bit longer than the other one. Certain skateboards have a broad nose.

Some brands design the surface of the skateboard more symmetrical. The nose can sometimes be large and makes it hard for you to get a grip on the skateboard. The tail is small and can even hit the ground. The nose is called ‘catch’ because it touches your foot when you are performing an ollie.

For some decks, it can be the complete opposite. The steeper part and longer part are enough to fit in the skateboard. On the other hand, the tail can appear to be sharper and smaller in size. The skateboards with such a design can help you to perform complex moves.


Skateboard tail and nose

Skateboard manufacturers design skateboard with unique colors. The nose is designed in a bright color and is different from the tail. The difference in colors makes it easy to differentiate between the two.

Brand Name

The skateboard you choose must be from a reliable brand. It is a fast way to identify both the nose and tail. The lettering at the top is featured on its underside. At the top and lower sides of the graphics, you will get to see the nose.

image of different brans of scate board


There are a lot of skateboards that come packed with protectors that are fully customized. It keeps the edge of the skateboard’s tail and noses away from heavy impacts and vibrations. The front side of the nose guard is made with durable plastic, while the tail is also made with plastic.

This feature has different designs that look innovative and are expensive at the same time. However, all the skateboards don’t have the distinctive features that are discussed above.

Most of them have similar tail and nose that helps the user skate and flip without any difficulty. If you want to mark the difference, keep a check at the nose and side of the tail. The look of a skateboard remains incomplete without colored bolts, on the grip that is some cuts.

nose vs tail skateboard

It is better not to put a lot of pressure on the bolt. You can also use your creativity and choose vibrant colors to make it look even better. Customizing the skateboard is possible with spray paints.

Ideally, you don’t have to be too technical which checking out the decks as most of them have different features. It can easily enhance the experience of an overall ride when you are skating for fun and entertainment.

Which end can you skate?

Whatever skateboard you choose will depend on your preference. It doesn’t matter which end you want to stake with, as the results will probably be the same.

According to many user comments and rumors, if you skateboard backward, that makes it hard to perform an Ollie. However, some believe it is a myth. Some skaters like to skate on one side, with others do it on the other to make their skates more certain.

This idea can apply to some while it may not apply the others.


If you continue to use the same skateboard that features only one end, it may wear faster than you can think. You can easily perform trucks, decks, and brushings quietly.

Some users may find it comfortable to skate and even more moves at the same part. However, you shouldn’t do it continuously as it is recommended to move to different ends.

You can also decide which one makes you feel better or keeps your feet at ease. One should try skateboarding on both ends as one side with wear down easily with continued use.

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