Is Longboarding Easier Than Skateboarding (Detailed Explanation)

When it comes to riding on boards, an entrant might get perplexed while selecting between longboards and skateboards. Even though longboards are a type of skateboard, when it comes to performance, control, structure, as well as usage these two are poles apart.

You should know the differences and specialties of the two boards before opting for either one. Many enthusiasts are more familiar with skateboarding but longboarding is fun too. If you have already explored your love and admiration for skateboarding and want to explore longboarding too then you should know what to expect out of it.

Longboarding & Skateboarding Differences

Whether you are planning to learn skateboarding or longboarding, you might find yourself asking the question: is longboarding easier than skateboarding? This is one of the most common questions among skaters.

Many individuals who have not used longboards before seemed to be of the perspective that longboards are challenging to control because of their bigger size. Are you too curious to know? Keep on reading to find out which one can be easier to handle and learn.

is longboard easier than skateboard

What Are Longboards?

Longboards are similar to skateboards in structural components as both have the same design. Longboards also consist of a deck, bushing, trucks, and wheels. The only main difference that makes the longboards stand out is the width and size.

Although the wheels of longboards are also not the same as skateboards, the deck size of longboards is longer by having a length of more than 36 inches. Riders can use it as a more fun substitute for cycling. It will help you in moving from one place to another in a more enjoyable manner.

What Are Skateboards?

Skateboards also have a similar design, having a truck, wheel, deck, and bearings. The main difference is that skateboards are not as long as longboards. The deck of skateboards is usually 28 inches to 35 inches long.

You cannot differentiate the two by identifying the length of the deck. Instead, you will have to also see the edges of the board. The neck of the deck in skateboarding is not leveled. You can clearly see the upwards bending which helps riders in performing tricks and jumps.

Is Longboarding Easier Than Skateboarding?

Although longboards and skateboards are used for different purposes, comparatively longboards are easier to ride. Longboarding does not involve much fantasy and skill-requiring tricks.

are longboards easier to ride

The sole purpose of using longboards is to cruise around. Whether you have to go to the office, school, park, gym, cafe, or shop you can use longboards in order to help you get there. So, there is no rocket science behind controlling or learning it.

The structure of longboards helps riders as it keeps the base of the board stable and the smooth wheels provide a better experience.

Longboards vs Skateboards

Whether it is a professional skateboard rider or a newcomer who has no experience regarding both, the skateboard or longboard, longboards is an easier option. You can get a hold of your longboard in no time as many other skaters suggest.

If you move from skateboarding to longboarding or initiate your skating journey from longboarding, you will see that longboards don’t bother the rider as compared to skateboards because riding is much calmer and more enjoyable. You don’t have to go out of your comfort zone. Let’s discuss in detail why longboards are easier to ride than skateboards.


Size of the longboards is larger not just because of the increased length, but also because the wheels and truck of the boards are also different in style. The large size of the longboards makes it more steady and secure to ride.

are longboards easier to ride than skateboards

The rider’s weight is distributed easily through the longer length of the base and there is no sudden imbalance as the wheels of the longboards are strong enough to bear the load too. You can freely learn without worrying about getting imbalanced or falling.


Control of the rider is more while using long boards as longboards are stable, have a lower center of control, and have a smoother ride. The rider doesn’t have to suffer while learning to cruise with these.

There are not many skills that you need while training. Whereas skateboards are slightly more difficult to control, their deck’s size is less and riders can lose balance. Other than that the wheel size is small and the smoothness is less, so you have to be careful while using the skateboard.


Durability of longboards is more as they don’t have to undergo the harsh impact and falls that many skaters can have in the skateparks. Apart from that, longboards are thick and straight, and you don’t have to examine them daily as all you have to do is move around.

longboard easier than skateboarding

Whereas if you are skateboarding then apart from working on control and stability you will also have to work on maintaining it too. Skateboards are more prone to damage as they fall more and get scratched or cracked.


Price of longboards is more as compared to skateboards which is usually because of the larger size of decks and better wheels.

Whereas skateboards can be as small as 18 inches which can make control difficult as the rider’s weight is exerted and divided into smaller lengths. Many newbies usually go skateboarding because they can afford it as compared to longboards.


Purpose Of Use for longboards is simply similar to that of cycling. Instead of using boring and old methods, you can enjoy your way with a longboard. Whether you want to go for a long walk, want to arrive early to school, or want to reach the office on time, you can use longboards. Whereas skateboards are slightly more adventure based as apart from the straight and smooth journey you will have to try new tricks like flip, balance trick, and foot plant tricks.


Location is not specified for the two. You can ride on longboards even on roads or in open parks. Whereas, skateboards are mostly used in skate parks. There is a proper setup and in the pit, the riders can try a number of tricks that can help riders in having a better experience.


Speed of longboards is more than skateboards as the wheel and bearing of the longboard are better. The wheel is not only bigger in size, but also has an improved outer layer that is smooth and tough. You can feel free to use long boards to travel farther distances.

are long skateboards easier to ride

These longboard wheels enable the rider to travel longer distances. But in the case of skateboards, the wheels are small and rough, so it increases friction and makes it a bit difficult for the board to move at a higher speed.


Should I learn to skateboard or longboard first?

Newbie riders should learn longboarding as it is slightly more basic as compared to skateboarding. This will help you learn in a progressive manner.

Once you have acquired the skills that are the core of skateboarding like keeping a perfect balance, standing posture, and tricks, then you can use skateboards for learning complex and thrilling tricks. Skateboards require a little more input as the deck is small and the wheels are rough.


I hope that now you know the answer to the question of whether longboarding is easier than skateboarding. Longboarding is comparatively easy because the deck is wide and long which gives a lot of room to the rider to balance out the weight and have stability.

The control and speed will allow the user to have more security. These boards are used in outdoor places and there is no requirement for skateboard parks, so you can easily learn it whenever and wherever you want.

Skateboards are also ideal for improving skills and learning tricks which might require more effort and time.

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