Can You Bring A Skateboard On A Plane? (Rules & Rates)

Air travel is the most efficient and preferred way to travel from one destination to another. The reason that I am writing this article is to share my experience with fellow skateboarders around the globe.

As a pro skateboarder, I had to travel from LA to Wisconsin a few months back, right after the Covid-19 restrictions were lifted. I was going to join a friend’s gathering and wanted to take my skateboard there.

can i bring a skateboard on a plane

I wanted to take my skateboard along with me as carry-on baggage. And this question was in my mind before booking my ticket from LA to Wisconsin.

Can You Bring A Skateboard On A Plane?

Although it has become a common question for skateboarding enthusiasts, this might create a fuss about who wishes to travel from one destination to another without prior knowledge of airlines skateboard policy. Sports equipment is allowed by airlines even budget airlines allow them in hand luggage. 

Do You Need To Consider TSA

As far as I am concerned, I didn’t know the exact rules and regulations of the airlines. For that, I contacted the airline’s transportation security administration to know that all airlines allow taking your skateboard with you. Some allow them in carry-on baggage, and some allow them in checked baggage.

TSA stands for transportation security administration and looks after air travelers’ and airlines’ travel safety and security.

Airlines Policies Regarding Skateboards

Sports equipment is allowed by all the airlines. The skateboard policy for airlines permits you to take a skateboard in your hand luggage or bringing a skateboard on a plane. Airline travelers can take simple skateboards with them as carry-on baggage, or they can even have them placed in the checked baggage.

And these permissions are subject to size and weight limitations. We must reiterate that you need to consider the rules and regulations of the airlines before booking your ticket.

Carrying A Skateboard In An Air Travel

Carrying your skateboard on air travel, you need to have it disassembled. It comes out to be the best solution for you. While doing so, you need to put the trucks of your board into your backpack, and when it comes to the board itself, you can place it inside your suitcase. 

Some airlines won’t allow the wheels of the boards. In this case you need the wheels covered or removed from the board. 

There is another option for you, and that is placing your board right against the back of your backpack with strips. 

skateboard on a plane

Permission Table for Airlines that allow Skateboard as Your Baggage Item 

These airlines allow passengers to bring their skateboards on board the plane as checked luggage or some allow them as carry-on baggage. But on the other hand there are a few airlines that do not allow skateboards to be taken onboard the plane either in the form of checked luggage or carry-on baggage.

Name of the airlineCarry on luggage or checked baggageAirline Policy for baggage
Alaska AirlinesChecked luggageAs Checked luggage
Allegiant AirChecked luggageAs Checked luggage
American AirlinesChecked luggageDoes not allow baggage
Air CanadaCarry on BaggageBring as Carry on Baggage
Delta Air LinesChecked luggageBring as Checked luggage
Frontier AirlinesChecked luggageBring as Carry on Baggage
Hawaiian AirlinesChecked Bag Bring as Carry on Baggage
JetBlueCarry on BaggageBring as Carry on Baggage
RyanairChecked Bag Does not allow Carry on Baggage
Southwest AirlinesCarry on BaggageBring as Carry on Baggage
Spirit AirlinesChecked Bag Bring as Carry on Baggage
Turkish AirlinesCarry on Baggage, & Checked luggageBring as Carry on Baggage & Checked luggage
United AirlinesChecked Bag Bring as Carry on Baggage
Virgin AmericaChecked luggageThey allow sports bag

Have You Tried Skateboarding In An Airport

For those who travel frequently, they might have experienced skateboarding at the airport. It is conditional to the rules and regulations of the airport whether they accept skateboards or allow skateboarding at their premises or not. If there are no stipulations, it is best to practice your skateboarding skills to kill your time during transit or while waiting for it.

skateboards on planes

What Rates Are Applied On Skateboards

Most airlines have strict baggage policy for overweight and oversize baggage for travelers. The fare option remains the same in every airline. Standard overweight fee applies if your skateboard exceeds the limit of 50lbs. Some airlines allow skateboards and there are no checked baggage fees on them.

There is no such fee if the same rule applies for skateboard, as they are part of carry on bag items so carry on baggage policy applies on them.   

Rules for Connecting Abroad Flying

The rules for flying abroad are different as every country enforces their own laws. To much amusement I once almost missed my connecting flight from New York (United States) to Sydney (Australia) transiting from Frankfurt (Germany). 

In this case when you are on board a connecting flight outside your country you need to go outside the airport in order to check in your skateboard. As they won’t consider it in carry on items. 

Airlines Policy for Electric Skateboards 

In the end we are going to discuss the matter relating to electric skateboards. And for that we may have bad news for you in this regard. You might be able to find a lot of airlines that allow skateboards but you won’t be able to find a single airline that permits Electric skateboard on flight. 

The only reason behind their refusal is their potential for fire hazard. And due to this reason you won’t be allowed to take your boards with you. Either you have to trash them at the airport or you have to miss your flight in order to stay with your board. And everyone out there using an Electric Skateboard must keep this in their minds. 

how to bring a skateboard on a plane


Can You Bring A Skateboard On An AirPlane As Hand Luggage?

Yes, you can take your skateboard with you as many airlines permit. But some budget airlines don’t permit it because skateboards take up larger space as compared to other luggage.

Can I Bring A Skateboard On An AirPlane with American airlines?

Yes, skateboards are allowed by American Airlines. The airline permits its air travelers to bring their skateboards along with them to their flight, but they allow them in checked baggage.

Can You Take A Skateboard On A Plane Ryanair?

Yes, you can take your skateboard at the airport, but you can only take it to the check-in point. As we have mentioned, some airlines do not permit it, and Ryanair is one of them that doesn’t allow you to take your skateboard into the flight until it is tucked properly into your luggage.

Can You Take A Skateboard On A Plane British Airways?

Skateboards are included in the non-motorized pedal bicycles category by British Airways. They allow you to take them into the flight, but they restrict them to being covered in a box and should be treated as your checked baggage.

a man doing scating on a wall rail

Can You Bring Skateboard Trucks On A Plane?

Yes, you can bring the trucks of your skateboard on a plane. But there is one thing that you need to do before packing. It is to disassemble your skateboard and put the trucks of your skateboard into your backpack right before boarding onto your flight.

Can You Carry On A Skateboard On United Airlines?

United airlines allow non-powered roller skates, rollerblades, and skateboards on the plane. We can say that in United Airlines skateboards are allowed. It must be as your checked bags or carry-on bags.

Can You Take A Skateboard On A Plane Easyjet?

Easyjet is a budget airline allowing its air travelers to take their skateboards with them on the airplanes. Further, there are no special restrictions for passengers regarding skateboards during flight according to their standard baggage policies. 

Can you take a skateboard on a plane with Spirit Airlines?

Flying with Spirit Airlines, you are allowed to take your skateboard in the form of checked baggage. But the fee may apply. Further, there is another stipulation that you need to fulfill, and that is your need to sign a limited liability release form as they are treated as conditionally accepted items.  


You can bring skateboards on a plane. We have tried our best to bring you the best information on bringing skateboards on planes. Although this might be a burning issue for skateboarders around the US but for others it might be a non-issue item. 

There is some good news that I have personally experienced that flight attendant, and airport security have no issues with boards. And you can easily pass through the security checkpoint. 

Although there are some weight restrictions or you may call them size restrictions that enforce you to have your skateboard properly packed. You need to hold your skateboard straps and skateboard fits within the dimensions of your backpack. Another essential aspect is to remove your skateboard wheels.

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